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HCM Charter

HCM Charter

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High Country Markets, brought to you by the Uralla Shire Business Chamber

1.0 General – Summary of Rules

1.1. The High Country Markets – (HCM) seeks to encourage local and regional growers, producers and creators of quality products handcrafted, grown, produced or distributed. Priority is focused on Uralla Shire Business Chamber (USBC) members and Uralla Shire Businesses offering additional sites to New England Regional surrounds.

1.2. Vendors must have copies of appropriate insurance certificates, licences, tags and permits available each Market day in the event of an inspection.

1.3. All food vendors are expected to have registered their business with NSW Food Authority.

1.4. All food vendors are expected to comply with Food Standards Australia rules and regulations

1.5. Each Vendor is responsible for the safety of his or her own equipment, own products and is expected to maintain adequate product and public liability insurance to the limit of $20 million.

1.6. Each Vendor must provide the Market Coordinator with a current copy of insurance each year it renews.

1.7. Vendors are expected to stay until the market closes for the day at 12.30pm unless specified otherwise. This is at the discretion of the HCM committee.

1.8. Vendors must leave their sites as they found them at the end of each market day. All rubbish is to be removed.

1.9. Any vendor can be expelled from the Market for failure to comply with the Market Rules.

2.0 Introduction

The purpose of the market is to provide;

  • A sales outlet for businesses, growers, crafters, producers, makers and creators in the region. With priority being USBC Members and Uralla Shire Businesses.
  • An opportunity for consumers to purchase quality products unique to the New England.
  • A community gathering place – to promote economic growth by assisting new business creation and growth while creating retail traffic in the Uralla town centre.

The High Country Markets launched in February 2022 as an initiative of Uralla Shire Business Chamber to promote economic development to the region.

3.0 Time, Place and weather

The Market is held on the 1st Sunday of each month. Set-up for Vendors is between 6.30am and 7.45am.

The High Country Markets is a “Rain-Hail-Shine” market, meaning that the market will go ahead irrespective of the weather. The Market begins at 8.00am and ends at 12.30pm on market days and is located at The Uralla Showground, King Street Uralla

Only in an extreme weather event will the High Country Markets be cancelled. If the market is to be cancelled a notice will go out on the High Country Markets Facebook page as early as possible on the Sunday of the Market.

4.0 Who can sell?

Only registered vendors, approved in accordance with the Market Charter may sell at the Market.

Vendors are required to fill out the application form; available on the website

New applications must be received by the Market coordinator 14 days prior to Market day, email applications to hi****************@gm***.com, along with your current insurance; certificate of currency.

If the items a vendor wishes to sell differ from the original application a separate application form will need to be completed.

The Market reserves the right to prohibit anyone from selling at the Market and to cancel the privileges of any Vendor who in the opinion of the Market Committee has violated the Rules governing the Market Charter.

Fees will not be refunded in this case.

The primary focus of stallholders will be persons actually selling or marketing a local product however the Market reserves the right to invite/approve stallholders from outside of the immediate local area.

5.0 What can be sold?

5.1 General

All items sold must be owned, produced, grown, handcrafted, created or solely distributed by the stallholder or to the discretion of the market committee.
Selling on behalf of other businesses is prohibited, a separate application form will be required including insurance and additional stall fees charged.

5.2 Meat and animal products

This category includes meats, poultry, sausages, bacon, milk, cheese, eggs, farm-raised fish, honey, wool, leather, and other products derived from animals. All slaughtered animals must be in the Vendor’s immediate custody, care and control for a minimum of 50% of the animal’s life immediately before the time of slaughter.

Vendors must comply with all applicable regulations, packaging, labelling and inspection requirements. No live Animals, unless specified by the Market Committee, are to be sold or displayed for sale at the Market.

Value-added products include jams, salsas, oils, vinegars, olives, baked goods, wines, pickles, relishes and the like. Vendors of value-added products must comply with appropriate packaging and labelling regulations.

5.3. Wine vendors

Wine vendors must have a copy of their license(s) available on Market Day and must display all required signage as stipulated by the NSW Liquor and Gaming Authority. All wine stall participants must hold and have copies of their current RSA certificates available on Market Day.

5.4 Takeaway drinks & plastic packaging

Minimal use of single use plastic drink bottles, popper packs and aluminium cans is highly encouraged. This is a small step to help reduce waste broadly with a focus on reducing plastic waste. The High Country Markets continues to work towards being plastic free and appreciates every effort you make to reach our goal of being free of plastic.

5.5 Samples

Samples can be opened, arranged or cut for display or tasting at the Market provided they are properly stored and/or served in accordance with food handling requirements. Samples cannot be sold but may be offered for tasting on a ‘free of charge’ basis.

5.6 Community Groups & Raffles

Any local community organisation, sporting group or school is welcome to apply to either have a stall or run a raffle.
Any group who would like to sell raffle tickets for a fundraising initiative will need to complete a stallholder application form and if approved, will be allocated a site FOC for one month then additional $10 per month.
Raffle tickets may be sold from an approved stall.

5.7 Duplication

Some vendors may sell the same/similar product, to avoid over supplying, the market committee will endeavour to limit duplication of products, priority will go to USBC members, Uralla Shire Business then other regional areas and may limit this to 3 vendors in total.

This prevents oversupplying and travelling for stallholders who may experience dissatisfaction in sales due to the abundance available.

Seasonal influxes may cause variation and this will be determined by the discretion of the Market Committee.

6.0 Vendor Guidelines

6.1 Pricing

Each vendor is required to set and display their own selling prices. Prices should be set in keeping with customer satisfaction, profitability and consideration of other Market vendors and town retailers.

6.2 Complaints

Any grievance regarding Vendors or their produce should not be directed to the Vendor in question, but the initial grievance should be reported to the Market Coordinator who will advise those involved of what action is to be taken.

6.3 Inappropriate behaviour

Inappropriate language, behaviour, music or lighting, profanity, noise or other harassment or abuse by a vendor, participant and/or anyone assisting your stall toward another vendor, participant, employee, or customer of the Market is grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion from the Market.
This also extends to online behaviour and interactions.
Negative, personal or derogatory comments made online will be reported, deleted and will result in permanent expulsion for those involved. The High Country Markets will not tolerate any form of physical, mental, emotional or verbal bullying. Anyone accused or found to displaying these behaviours will be asked to leave the event immediately.

6.4 Vehicle movement during market

No customer or vendor vehicles will be allowed to move in or out of the Market site during Market hours. Access will be removed during Market hours. Set-up must be completed before the commencement of the Market at 7.45am and one hour will be allowed after the market closing time (12.30pm) for completion of sales, bump-out and site clean-up.

6.5 General cleanliness

It is the responsibility of individual vendors to maintain a clean and healthy environment within their assigned site area and vendors are required to leave that area free of rubbish, debris and in a state as found at the conclusion of each Market day.
Nothing, including ‘oil’ or ‘grease’ is to be spilt or dumped within the Market site area or in the surrounding area or gardens; but must be disposed of in an appropriate manner using the waste bins provided as appropriate (waste/recycling).

6.6 Gazebos

Gazebos, canopies, tents, umbrellas and the like shall always be safely secured from unexpected weather events and is the responsibility of the vendor.

6.7 Packaging

Plastic bags are no longer acceptable at High Country Markets. The preference is for customers to bring their own bags. Non-biodegradable, supermarket-type carrier bags are to be avoided.
Alternative compostable and biodegradable packaging is encouraged.

6.8 Sub-Letting

Vendors are not permitted to re-sell, sublease or allow anyone else to use their space if not attending the Market on market day. If a site is not to be used by the Vendor, the Market Committee can re-assign the available space to another stallholder.

7.0 Market Safety

Before participating in their first Market, Vendors must read and be familiar with the Market Charter.
An application must be completed with relevant documents attached.

8.0 Market Fees

Market fees will be paid on the day by cash or square unless organised prior via direct deposit.
There are no permanent sites and movement of stalls may occur at anytime by discretion of the Market Committee.
Site fees – Stallholders

  • 3m x 3m site $20 per market
  • 6m x 3m $40 per market
  • 3m x 3m Community Stall FOC 1st market $10 thereafter.
    Powered Sites $5 per point required.
    Larger Sites COA.

9.0 Cancellation or change of market arrangements

The High Country Markets will be held “Rain, Hail or Shine”.
In the event that there is a need to cancel or change the Market arrangements from proceeding as normal, stallholders will be advised by 12noon on the preceding Saturday.
In the event of a severe weather event contact the market coordinator.
The Market reserves the right to change the size, shape and position of any site(s) as may be necessary.

10.0 Social Media

Like and share High Country Markets and other stallholder posts through your social media channels, this expands your reach and creates a network.
Market photos shared on social media should be tagged with @highcountrymarkets.
Our markets are successful through promotion on social media Facebook and Instagram for this success to continue to reach large audiences and customers we ask you to share on your social media outlets.
Please refrain from posting photos of individuals without their permission. The market committee at any time can ask you to remove a post if deemed inappropriate.
Please keep your content current and up to date. High Country Markets will help promote stallholders leading up to the markets and will use photos and posts made by you on Social Media. If you do not wish for this to occur please contact a market committee member.


84 Bridge Street Uralla.

Market Coordinator
Corinne Annetts M: 0416 509 295
Market Committee
Teresa French
Russ French
Richard Downes
Email: hi****************@gm***.com
Facebook: highcountrymarkets
Instagram: highcountrymarkets

Last updated September 2023